Thinking About Having A Luncheon?

Deciding on whether or not to have a luncheon is usually up to the Grooms family since they're the ones who will cover the cost. If you have a long break between the time of your ceremony and time of your reception then I would highly recommend a luncheon. It gives you more time to spend with family and friends, especially those who have traveled to be there for your big day, instead of leaving your guests hanging between events.

Who do you invite to the luncheon? Again that is up to you but remember this is supposed to be a smaller, more intimate gathering, so usually it's just family, the wedding party, and then maybe a few close friends who traveled to come to the wedding. It will be easy to try and invite everyone you know, but remember keep it small. If you and the Groom's family decide a luncheon is needed, let them know ahead of time how many guests you will have so there's enough room for everyone. You don't need to send invites to this you can just let your family and the wedding party know when you talk about the wedding plans. Also consider a location that isn't too far from the temple or where the reception is going to be. You and your family and friends will need to change before the reception and possibly need to help set up so a good in between spot is ideal.

Besides eating great food you can also have a little program if you want to. I had my mom and aunts sing a song (it's a tradition) and I played a video I made of pictures of me and Ty from when we met until that point. My brother and cousin (who I am very close to) were serving missions at the time they sent in a little video to us and we played those. We then had my sister, the Maid of Honor, and my brother-in-law, the Best Man, give their speeches. After that, Ty and his dad said a few words and it was great. Depending on what all you do at the luncheon it usually lasts around two hours.

I hosted my luncheon at Hayden's Grill, in Tualatin, Oregon where a lot of people have wedding receptions. It was perfect. They had it all set up before we arrived since we were all rushing over from the temple. The food was amazing. My mother-in-law and I were in close communication and we picked the menu together to make sure there was food everyone would like.

I loved having a luncheon where I could talk with family and friends and not have to rush off to take pictures or talk to someone else. If you have the time for it, I would highly recommend it. If you are getting married around lunch time or in the late afternoon then an alternative might be to have a breakfast. The luncheon should be a casual setting where everyone just comes in Sunday dress. It gives you a chance to relax and take a deep breath on a day that otherwise was start to finish, hectic.

As the bride and groom having a luncheon allows you to make sure you thank everyone for coming to the wedding and for everyone's help. Not only is a wedding expensive, but it is a lot of work. Make sure you express gratitude to your parents and everyone else.

My friend Ashley and her husband Robbie walking into their luncheon

Robbie's father giving his speech


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