The Best Way to Organize your Wedding All in One Place

Something that brides typically don't think to do is to create a blog or website for their wedding. It is perfect for friends, family and guests to get information on the couple, and all the wedding details. It is such a cute, smart idea and I wish I would've done it. If you are engaged for four months or longer then you should definitely find the time to create a blog or website. It doesn't take too long, but if you are feeling like you don't have the time your wedding planner (me) can help you. This is right up my alley.

Things to include on your Blog/Website:

-Your Story: how you met, how long you have been dating, when he proposed, etc., etc. This can be very entertaining and everyone loves to hear the story of how you met. You can also include a portion about the bride and the groom separately.

-Wedding Accommodations: Where your guests should stay. Usually you have a few hotels close to where the wedding will be. As the bride it is your responsibility to you call the hotels and get prices. Sometimes they will give you a good deal on some rooms if you tell them it's for your wedding. Your guests will be very grateful for that.

-Directions to Wedding: You will want to include maps and directions to the ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner etc. and anywhere else that guests need to be.

-Carpooling: If there will be carpooling available for family etc. to get to the destinations.

-Attire: What you expect guests to wear for the rehearsal dinner (formal or not), and any other wedding festivities.

-Weather: This is especially important for out of town guests traveling to the area. Be sure to update this regularly especially the week before. A direct link to a page with the forecast that guests can check so they know what to pack and bring would be helpful.

-Registry: A lot of guests lose their inserts from the invites that tell where you are registered. on where you are registered. Your blog can contain that information easily for your guests to reminded of those locations. Even easier for them, you can provide links to your registries that they can follow and purchase the gifts online.

-RSVP form: If you are requiring your guests to RSVP to your wedding this is a lot easier than sending in a form. They can just go to your website and RSVP there. This way you can make sure you get all your RSVP's quickly and track them easier. Make sure you include when you need this done by.

-Poll: This can be used to gather real information or just for fun. You might ask for a song or drink requests. Or maybe you'll see which bridal member will be the first to cry at the wedding etc.

-Contact Info: This is perfect so you can gather guests addresses easier and quicker than making a page on Facebook or going through old address books of your parents. Who is sick of getting a notification every time someone posts on So and So's getting hitched page with their "Congratulations" and address? I know I am.

-Open Houses: If you're going to have an open house in the groom's home town, include that date and location.

-Guest Book: You can include a guest book where guests can type a message online whether or not they are able to attend.

-Wedding Party: You can introduce your wedding party with pictures and a little information about them.

-Honeymoon: If you want to include your plans for your honeymoon you can do so on here too.

-Wedding Itinerary: This is such a good idea if your having a lot of events. I had a friend who had a dinner for out of town guests at her house with the date, time, location, what was going to be served, what to wear, directions etc. Following that was the bachelor and bachelorette parties with locations, times etc. The next day was a spa day for the bridesmaids and a golf date for the groomsmen, and that night they had the rehearsal dinner with again, location, time, attire, directions, what was going to be served etc. Then of course all the information for the wedding with even more details. This is a very important piece to include. All the different events can very hard for guests to keep track of so having it all typed up for them so they can just print it off will help it all run more smoothly.

I love to go and look at different couples wedding websites and blogs, not only because I love weddings, but also because everyone's is so unique. Making a website or blog is really the best way to keep all your information organized and in one spot. Once you make your website or blog get the word out via social media or by any other means but also remember to put the web address on your save the dates, announcements/ invites.

Here are a few examples of wedding websites and blogs.

Lisa & Ryan Barker

Sarah & JJay Jensen


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