Avoiding Becoming A Bridezilla

Overtime I have collected a few tips to remember that will help you avoid becoming a "Bridezilla", as well as minimize your stress. No one wants to be a Bridezilla, but sometimes in the heat of all the planning we lose our cool. Hopefully this list will speak to you and you can remember to be kind and appreciative to those who are helping you plan your wedding.


1.) Delegate sensibly. Delegating is key to keeping you sane. You CANNOT do this on your own. Fortunately, there will be tons of people eagar to help and be part of the day. Just make sure you give assignements to people that are capable of completing them. Your mom probably shouldn't plan your bachelorette party. Your grandma shouldn't be setting up chairs and tables. And your eight year old sister shouldn't be in charge of the parking situation. Also, don't overburden family and friends. They will want to enjoy this day with you.
2.) Sometimes family/friends/ etc. can be overbearing. Listen to every word of their input and thank them.
3.) Consider getting a wedding planner. If there's a lot to do and you and everyone else can't afford the time required to plan everything you need then this is a must. Generally speaking, the bride needs to be able to contribute a full 12 hours per week for planning, organizing, preparing, and getting the wedding put together.
4.) Take pictures and notes at bridal and event shows. This will help you when you start really planning your wedding.
5.) Be patient with your family, especially if they're helping split the bill. They just want the best for you and aren't trying to make you upset. It's a stressful, busy time and remember they're on your side.
6.) Put your foot down when you need to. If you're very set on a specific caterer then explain that without being too selfish. Let your mom know what is most important to you.
7.) Compromise. If you really want that caterer, and your mom has a strong opinion about the DJ then maybe you let her pick the DJ and you the caterer.
8.) Keep lines of communication open. Let your friends, family etc. know that they can come to you about anything. My mother-in-law came to me about the bridesmaids skirts I picked out. She explained that they weren't the most flattering on my sister-in-laws and offered to pay to have someone make the skirts. I was flexible on this, and the end product turned out great.
9.) Remember your marriage is more important than the wedding. Sometimes in all the hustle and bustle we overlook this and lose sight of what's really most important. In the end it doesn't matter who took your pictures as long as you have them, and who did your hair.
10.) Cross-off "non-essentials." If you're on a tight budget and trying to save money then go through your list and decide what is most important to you. Maybe you don't need to have that makeup artist who charges $100 an hour or those $500 shoes with the diamond studs.
11.) Have fun, you'll be married in the end.

Keep in mind, There's no "best way" to get married everyone does it differently.

Here are some websites that I have found useful to help with ideas and planning.



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