Who's Invited?

It's a good idea from day one of being engaged to start thinking ahead and asking yourself, who is invited to our wedding? You want to start making a guest list as soon as possible because you'll be surprised how long it will take to compile this list. I remember adding people to the guest list weeks before my wedding because my parents had accidentally forgotten some people.

Here are a few suggestions, rules and tips for proper wedding etiquette: 

As far as who is invited start adding anyone and everyone you would want to include and once you finalize venue arrangements and food plans you can slowly start removing people from the list.  Consider all family-even second cousins, friends of your parents, co-workers, people from church etc.

To organize this list instead of writing it down on some random piece of paper that you will end up losing, you should put it all into an excel file with the name of the person: Example: Mr. & Mrs. Tyler O'Bryant or if you are going to address less formal Tyler & Jocelyn O'Bryant. You could even choose to add family at the end if the whole family is invited to attend. Then make sure you add their full address. You can even make this list in a Google document so it's all in once place, which might be easiest so that multiple parties like your parents and fiancé can view the list and add to it as well.

If you are sending out save the dates then you really do need to have a good idea of who is invited. If you do decide to invite other people last minute then you can send out announcements/invites. Just because you're doing save the dates doesn't mean you should ignore sending out announcements/invites. There is no rule to this so it is up to you in the end. But it is a good idea so you don't have that awkward oh I forgot you phone call.

Make sure to send everyone in your immediate family a save the date/invite if they live in a separate home than you. (This includes brothers and sisters who are already married if you have any.) Don't assume, "Oh, they're family and will just come." Especially if you're having a summer wedding. That is the busiest time of year and most families make plans and have prior commitments.

Since Ty and I got married in the summer and wanted everyone in our family to be able to come we called/texted/emailed them the date right away so they could plan accordingly and make travel arrangements.

Happy wedding planning :)

How To Pick A First Dance Song

Choosing a first dance song isn't always the easiest decision, but it shouldn't be THAT hard either. If you two have a "song" then maybe you can slow it down and use that or if it's already slow you're in good hands. It's not something that you need to be super stressed about either. You will find a song that you are both excited about, trust me.

Here's some questions and tips to help you think of some if you're really struggling.

1. Jog your memory. Was there a song playing in the background the night you met, when you first said I love you, or when you he proposed?

2. If nothing jumps out at you think about your personality as a couple. Do you like sweet and romantic? country? rock? a little Usher?...

3. Google 'first dance song options', and listen to your normal music. Something will jump out eventually. Set a time to listen to a bunch of songs with your fiancé until you finally agree.

4. Pay close attention to the lyrics. Make sure there isn't any appropriate language-because that could make an awkward first dance.

5. Make sure the song is not too fast and not too slow. Practice dancing to a few songs. I have mentioned before I think it's wise not to dance to an entire song because people don't care to sit and watch that for five minutes. At my wedding I had all my dancing songs edited to around a minute so my "audience" didn't get bored.

6. If you are having a band or DJ ask them for some good ideas. They will have plenty of options. That is what they do for a living.

7. There are tons of songs to pick from. Don't leave it to the day or two before your wedding. If that's the case maybe you should skip the dance part because it goes to show you obviously didn't care much about it or you would've found something a long time ago.

Hope these suggestions help. I have some good ideas too if you're really struggling... ;)

LDS Brides: On Your Wedding Day (Temple)

Yay! The day you have been waiting for (for what seemed like eternity) is finally here. Congratulations. You're getting married today in the right place, at the right time, to the right person.

This post is to help you remember everything you need to take to the temple. First off, they will have you, your groom and your mother or (whoever is your escort) arrive to the temple an hour before your scheduled sealing time to check in, show you the brides room and all that good stuff.  I recommend getting there even a before that depending on how busy the temple is so you don't feel rushed. If it's a busy day you will need time to find a parking spot and have plenty of time to change. You'll be surprised how long it takes when you don't want to mess up your hair and makeup. You will also be assigned a temple worker to show you around the brides room, where to put everything and will take you up the sealing time when it is time to meet your groom. On my wedding day my mom wanted just a few minutes alone with me and the lady wouldn't even let that happen so hopefully your temple worker will leave your side for a minute so you can have a little time alone with your mom if you choose so. I also got all the way in the elevator before realized I completely forgot Ty's wedding ring. So we had to go run all the way back to the dressing room to grab that.

Here is a list I have compiled of everything you will need to take to the temple.

  • Temple Recommend (Make sure your parents have there's. My dad realized he forgot his and we had to go all the way back to get it as we were already running late.)
  • Groom's ring (If you are having a ring ceremony at the temple remember this. Put it in your pocket right when you put on your temple dress.)
  • Marriage License
  • Wedding Dress, accessories, wedding shoes, wedding day kit etc.
  • Most importantly: HAVE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE! :)

The Top Honeymoon Destinations

As I was working, I came across an article titled "7 Most Romantic Places In The World." With Valentines Day approaching I am sure that's why this post was featured. It immediately crossed my mind to do a blog post on it and twist it into top honeymoon destinations. I also found an article "Best Honeymoon Destinations Of 2014". Comparing the two I was able to compile a list featuring the top honeymoon destinations-if you can afford them.

  • 1.) Bali, Indonesia- This is definitely on my bucket lists of travel destinations. It looks absolutely beautiful and that is why it is number 1. I feel like one of The Bachelor's or Bachelorette's travelled here for some dates, but I can't remember who. If you think of who it is let me know!
  • 2.) Charleston, South Carolina- Random. when I saw this I was shocked. Out of all the places this was the only one that made both of the lists-and it's the only one in the United States! I am always told 'The Carolinas' are beautiful and this was a testament that it truly is. Looking at photos it definitely makes me want to visit. 
  • 3.) Italian Riviera-The Italian Riviera is divided into two regions: east and west. The west side is your best bet for night life and beaches, but nothing beats the east side. Either way you go is a win win.
  • 4.) Greek Isles- I always hear how amazing Mediterranean cruises are, and now I know why. Santarini has the best sunsets and Naxo has the flawless white beaches. If you're getting married in the spring or fall you are lucky, because that is the best time to visit.
  • 5.) La Pez, Mexico- North of Cabo lies the beautiful city La Pez, which is the prime spot for the Sea of Coretez. It's all about the crystal blue water here so make sure you snorkel and check out the whales, sea lions, dolphins and sting rays.
  • 6.) St. Maarten or St. John- Either of these two places in the Caribbean are perfect honeymoon destinations. You can't go wrong!

You might be able to find a cruise to some of these locations that will make it more affordable. Granted, you might not be able to get to these spots until you are retired so go ahead and add them to your bucket list. You'll get there eventually ;)