How To Make Your Guest Book Significant

Remember to have some form of guest book at your reception. A guest book allows you to look back and see who was there on your special day as well as let your guests leave you a nice message. There are so many options for a guest book and all are equally neat, it just depends on what you want and how creative you care to be. You can have an engagement picture framed with a white matte border and have guests sign the matting around the picture. You can make a photo album book of you and your fiancé with pictures of you two and have guests sign pages around the pictures. I have seen tons of different creative ways to do a "guest book" without actually having a book. Theses include: signing their names and advice on puzzle pieces, corks, rocks, etc. A very unique guest book I found was to have a polaroid camera sitting out with blank pages. The guests take a picture of themselves and then sign their name. I would have loved this idea for my wedding. Ty and I look back at our guestbook at least a few times a year especially on our anniversary. There were so many people there that if we saw them on the street we wouldn't know who they were. It's not us being ungrateful of their presence, but because they were friends or coworkers of our parents (you'll have a lot of those), it would have been nice as we were reading their note to have a face to go with it. I also wish I would've had an option for couples to write down advice for us. I recommend having both of these options at your reception if you can. It is really fun to sit down together and look back at these things and memories of your wedding.


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