The Importance of Writing Thank You Cards

After the honeymoon and after you've opened all your lovely presents it's time to start writing and addressing your thank you cards. Make sure while you're opening your gifts that you designate someone like your mom to write down all the gifts you received and who they were from so you can be thorough in your thank you cards. Writing your thank you cards does take a while, but it is worth it and your guests truly appreciate it. As a rule of thumb you need to have all of your thank you cards sent out no later than two months after your wedding. That is a really easy deadline. Ty and I had all our thank you cards out less than a month after our wedding. So I challenge all your newlyweds to have your thank you cards no later than a month after.

This past August I attended a friend's wedding with a gift, and I have still not received a thank you card. Since that wedding I have gone to other weddings and brought gifts, and received their thank you cards. The long wait leads me to believe they aren't sending any. It makes me feel that my gift and presence there was insignificant to them. Don't be like this couple. Express your gratitude as quickly as possible.

You can find really cute thank you cards online. I have seen some where the couple has "thank you" written on a small chalkboard or piece of paper and they take a photo with it on their wedding day to use for thank you cards later. Or you can choose a wedding photo and create a thank you card from that. These are really cute ideas but you have to wait until you get all your wedding photos back from the photographer, which can take a while. Or you can also just buy some at Target like we did. I have known a lot of couples that do that. Do whatever is in your budget, because remember you also have to get stamps for them all too.

Make sure you are genuine and express true gratitude for their gift. Include what you like about it, or how it will be put to good use. Thank them for attending if they did. It is so important that that they feel that you appreciate their friendship and for bringing you a gift (because they really didn't have to). The notes don't need to be more than a few sentences, but you need to handwrite each one. It takes time but shows them your truly appreciative.

Happy Writing :)


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