Wedding Accessories

Veil or no veil? hairpiece? what color of shoes? what kind of shoes? what jewelry? These are all questions that many of us brides ask ourselves when deciding on accessories.

When it comes to shoes, that is something that needs to be decided when picking out a dress, so when you go try on the dress you know where you need the dress to be altered and to make sure the shoes go well with the dress. I have seen many brides wear different shoes for the ceremony and most of the reception, and then switch into some more comfortable shoes halfway through- especially if they're going to be dancing. Some brides pick a comfortable shoe like Toms or some fun flip flops since the dress usually covers up the shoes anyways. As far as color, some brides want a traditional white to match the dress perfectly, or they choose one of their wedding colors. I mentioned earlier, that my colors were red, orange, yellow and pink and so I dressed the bridesmaids and groomsmen in red, orange, and pink and left yellow for the groom and myself. I had some bright yellow shoes and he had some yellow socks. I got a really cute picture of my husband's yellow socks and my yellow shoes. If you want to add a fun pop of color, I would definitely recommend getting a fun bright shoe. 

The veil, a traditional wedding headpiece that dates back to the nineteenth century, used to symbolize modesty and virginity. Lifting the veil was even part of the actual wedding ceremony. However, in the last few decades, wearing a veil has become less popular and brides have resorted to other options for headpieces instead of the veil. Whether it's flowers, feathers, tiaras, hair-combs etc. I rented my dress and it came with two headpieces. I chose the veil for my ceremony and a flower for my reception so I got different pictures with different headpieces. 

Jewelry is a must on your wedding day; but you can mess it up by wearing too much. You will already be wearing your beautiful engagement ring and wedding band (if you have one) so you're covered as far as rings. For a necklace, bracelet and earrings it is best to buy those all together so they match well. For all jewelry pieces you can either go with pearls or diamonds. For a necklace, it is obviously best to stick with a shorter length. If you end up choosing a diamond necklace, and it is somewhat unique, make sure the earrings and bracelet (if you want one) match well with it. If you want to wear a bracelet please only to stick to one- that is all you need. On your wedding day you are free to do and wear what you want. So, with any dress you can wear just about any jewelry, but I would recommend staying away from bright colors. Remember you don't want your focus on your jewelry you want it on you and your dress! 


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