Along with photography is videography. Some brides don't even consider a videographer. I know I was trying to cut expenses so I just had one of my uncle's do it. As yesterday happened to be our two year anniversary, we were looking back at pictures and the little video we have. I really regret not having someone more professional take some video and edit it nicely for us. My uncle was very nice to do it for us, but his camera ended up dying halfway through the reception so we missed all the dances, bouquet and garter toss, and us leaving in the decked out car. It was also so jumbled together and most of the video was of the ground or of people we didn't really care to see in our video.

One of Ty's good friends, and groomsmen at our wedding, is really good at making videos and editing. For a present, he put together a short- 70 second video for us. He would've made it longer, but as a groomsmen didn't have a whole lot of time to shoot. When we got the video and watched it, it was truly amazing and brought tears to our eyes. I wish I would've hired him, or one of his friends that he does it with to be our videographer. 

I highly recommend you budget for a videographer. There is something special and different about video than pictures. You can't really see the emotion and how the moment really felt in a picture like you can in a video.  

Here is the video that Ty's friend made us. If you like it I can get you in contact with him and he might be willing to be the videographer at your wedding. I know he has done other weddings before as well. 


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