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I think every part of the wedding process is fun, especially going and sampling cakes because I sure love treats. I researched online so I could rule out some that weren't in my budget. Once I got a good handful I called and made some cake testing appointments. I brought in some photos of things I liked, looked at some of their books, discussed pricing while trying some delicious cake. Of the few places I visited I wasn't totally impressed. My mom kept telling me to call Lamb's Thriftway bakery (they're a local grocery store in Oregon) I finally ended up calling them. I went in and got some information and brought some samples home. My family, my then fiancé Ty and I ended up LOVING them all. My mom and I officially set up a consultation to get more information, and show them what I was looking for. An hour later we ended up making a deposit and it was the best decision we could make. My cake was beautiful, and they even gave us a free round cake topper for our one year anniversary. 

Do Your Research

Before you go to your appointments make sure you first do your research on what bakeries you want to try out.
- Make sure they fit into your budget. Cakes can range anywhere from couple hundred to many thousands of dollars depending on what you want done and how big of a cake you need. 
- Know how many guests you're planning on
- Bring pictures or have an idea of what you're looking for
- Bring your colors if you're wanting to incorporate them. I had each layer a different color scroll design with red ribbon around the base of each of my layers, therefore incorporating all my colors. 
- Keep in mind that most places charge extra for delivery, but that is the easiest and safest way of getting it to your reception without experiencing any problems. So do yourself a favor and pay for it. 
- Some bakeries also have additional options for flowers for the cake and champagne for your toast etc. so consider those options.
-Bakeries also require a deposit upfront when you place your order, so bring money for that if you plan to make a deposit on the spot
- Lastly, book your wedding cake at least four months prior to your big day or as soon as possible. Bakeries are especially busy in the summer as well as in the fall.

Here is a picture of My Cake by Lamb's Thriftway in Oregon, my friend Erika's Cake by Sugar Kisses Cakes in Utah, my friend Bethany's Cake by Cakes By Dawna also in Utah, and my friend Katelyn's Cake by Kim Ales in California.

My Cake, Lamb's Thriftway
Erika's Cake, Sugar Kisses Cakes 

Bethany's Cake, Cakes By Dawna
Katelyn's Cake, Kim Ales 


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