Theme, Tone & Colors

I promised you I would be talking about Theme, Tone & Colors at a later date and I picked today. 

Theme, Tone & Colors is another important aspect of your wedding. Everything revolves around it, so it needs to be one of the first things you accomplish on your to-do list. 

So first off, you need to figure out what you want your theme to be. It may depend on when your wedding is. For example, if you picked a December wedding, you may want to have a Holiday themed wedding. Some other options for themes when it's not around a holiday are: The Classic Black & White, Vintage, Modern, Beach, or you can do a Seasonal theme in which your wedding would be in the: fall, spring, winter, summer.  

Once you have your theme, you can now research and choose your tone. Some ideas for tones are: Romantic, beautiful, unusual, inspirational, and classic. Your tone can really go with any theme you choose. If you are wanting a Beach theme you can do that with a romantic or beautiful tone. If you are thinking more of a modern theme you can do an unusual or vintage tone.   

One of the first questions people ask when you get engaged are, "What are your colors?" So what are your colors? Well, there really is no rule to this. Except you probably don't want to pick more than four colors, unless you are wanting a rainbow wedding or something like that. I used four colors for my wedding, and my wedding planner was trying to make me pick three max. I told her no because they were all my favorite colors and I had this planned since I was a child. She kind of made fun of me and said that my wedding was going to look like a circus but she was wrong. It was far from that (at least I think so). I had the colors: red, yellow, pink and orange, and it went perfectly with my fun, bright, summer theme and the beautiful tone. Your colors usually depend on what time of year you're wedding is, so flowers and the season match. My wedding colors wouldn't have worked well in a winter or fall season. A popular trend right now is having two main colors with splashes of another color intertwined. Navy and pink with a splash of coral or black and white with a splash of mint green. As long as you incorporate the colors well, and they match your theme and tone it will work. 

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