Thinking About A Destination Wedding?

Who wouldn't want to get married on a romantic beach in Hawaii or on a beautiful vineyard on the East Coast? What about at a luxurious resort on the Caribbean or the Grand Hotel in Italy? To me, any of those places sound amazing to get married. Destination Weddings have become a more popular choice amongst brides today. The reasons why? 1. It is easier to plan 2. If done right, it can be more affordable 3. Stress-free 4. More fun!!! Resorts and cruises have made weddings easier and more appealing to couples around the world. Who wouldn't want to get married in their dream location? I know, I would! For just a few thousand dollars a family can fly to Jamaica, stay in a all-inclsuive resort, get married, and have a weeklong honeymoon. You get to call the shots: Whatever you dream of you can have. Another good thing about it is, you can actually have quality time with friends, family and your sweetie up until the wedding. When you get there you usually sign some paperwork and you're free to go have your vacation. That's not even close to how it is in the real wedding world. I had a friend who had a destination wedding in New York and she definitely didn't have as much planning as I did, and she spent even spent less money. If you're thinking about doing it go through all the details of where, contact a wedding planner in the area to help you. Or you can do it all by yourself like my friend did and research out photographers, florists, cake options, venues, etc. 

The most important things to consider when planning your destination wedding are:
-children-attending/not attending-babysit?
-If you can really afford it
-If you're having a wedding party-ask if they can all come
-Research all the venues and prices
-Offer to pay for your guests meals, rooms and transportation
-Send your Save The Dates 6 months prior to the wedding


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