The Top Honeymoon Destinations

As I was working, I came across an article titled "7 Most Romantic Places In The World." With Valentines Day approaching I am sure that's why this post was featured. It immediately crossed my mind to do a blog post on it and twist it into top honeymoon destinations. I also found an article "Best Honeymoon Destinations Of 2014". Comparing the two I was able to compile a list featuring the top honeymoon destinations-if you can afford them.

  • 1.) Bali, Indonesia- This is definitely on my bucket lists of travel destinations. It looks absolutely beautiful and that is why it is number 1. I feel like one of The Bachelor's or Bachelorette's travelled here for some dates, but I can't remember who. If you think of who it is let me know!
  • 2.) Charleston, South Carolina- Random. when I saw this I was shocked. Out of all the places this was the only one that made both of the lists-and it's the only one in the United States! I am always told 'The Carolinas' are beautiful and this was a testament that it truly is. Looking at photos it definitely makes me want to visit. 
  • 3.) Italian Riviera-The Italian Riviera is divided into two regions: east and west. The west side is your best bet for night life and beaches, but nothing beats the east side. Either way you go is a win win.
  • 4.) Greek Isles- I always hear how amazing Mediterranean cruises are, and now I know why. Santarini has the best sunsets and Naxo has the flawless white beaches. If you're getting married in the spring or fall you are lucky, because that is the best time to visit.
  • 5.) La Pez, Mexico- North of Cabo lies the beautiful city La Pez, which is the prime spot for the Sea of Coretez. It's all about the crystal blue water here so make sure you snorkel and check out the whales, sea lions, dolphins and sting rays.
  • 6.) St. Maarten or St. John- Either of these two places in the Caribbean are perfect honeymoon destinations. You can't go wrong!

You might be able to find a cruise to some of these locations that will make it more affordable. Granted, you might not be able to get to these spots until you are retired so go ahead and add them to your bucket list. You'll get there eventually ;)


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