LDS Brides: On Your Wedding Day (Temple)

Yay! The day you have been waiting for (for what seemed like eternity) is finally here. Congratulations. You're getting married today in the right place, at the right time, to the right person.

This post is to help you remember everything you need to take to the temple. First off, they will have you, your groom and your mother or (whoever is your escort) arrive to the temple an hour before your scheduled sealing time to check in, show you the brides room and all that good stuff.  I recommend getting there even a before that depending on how busy the temple is so you don't feel rushed. If it's a busy day you will need time to find a parking spot and have plenty of time to change. You'll be surprised how long it takes when you don't want to mess up your hair and makeup. You will also be assigned a temple worker to show you around the brides room, where to put everything and will take you up the sealing time when it is time to meet your groom. On my wedding day my mom wanted just a few minutes alone with me and the lady wouldn't even let that happen so hopefully your temple worker will leave your side for a minute so you can have a little time alone with your mom if you choose so. I also got all the way in the elevator before realized I completely forgot Ty's wedding ring. So we had to go run all the way back to the dressing room to grab that.

Here is a list I have compiled of everything you will need to take to the temple.

  • Temple Recommend (Make sure your parents have there's. My dad realized he forgot his and we had to go all the way back to get it as we were already running late.)
  • Groom's ring (If you are having a ring ceremony at the temple remember this. Put it in your pocket right when you put on your temple dress.)
  • Marriage License
  • Wedding Dress, accessories, wedding shoes, wedding day kit etc.
  • Most importantly: HAVE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE! :)


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