Why Have A Wedding Planner?

Why have a wedding planner, anyway you ask? Well, I am going to tell you why, so when you start to plan your big day you will automatically know you need one. Some of you maybe thinking a wedding planner is a nice, extra expense but I'm already on a tight budget and my family or my friend can really just take care of it all. Well, it's up to you, but you may change your mind when I'm done.

My friend found an article titled "7 Things Wedding Planners Do (That Brides/Moms/Aunts/Friends Can't) and she thought I could use it. So today I am going to touch on a few good things this editor said in hopes that will hit home to you. 

Why have a Wedding Planner? 

-You and your mom get into a standoff the day before the wedding, who will be the mediator? 
-Mom, family and friends want to enjoy the day with you, so who is going to be there to serve you as needed?
-What if that mom, aunt, friend isn't going along with what you want who's going to tell them? 
-Everyone is dancing and someone drops a drink-who's going to clean up the glass? 
-Who is going to make sure all your gifts and extra details get sent home? 

Here are some points that came from "7 Things Wedding Planners Do" By Lauren Grove from Everylastdetail.com.

1. Wedding Planners offer insight and suggestion. They have planned many weddings in their career, they know weddings, they know the industry. You wouldn't want to plan a wedding by yourself when you can easily have an expert sitting right next to you. 

2. They have relationships with vendors. Which can be a plus when you're enquiring about vendors, and maybe just maybe they can get you a good deal;)

3. Wedding Planners can be a great mediator between the bride and the mom or whoever. They offer a bird's-eye perspective while providing logical reasoning and aren't emotionally involved, like the bride, mom, aunt, friend. 

4. The Wedding Planner is there to take care of the unexpected. You have enough on your plate, especially on your special day. The last thing you need is added stresses. If the wedding planner is exceptional they will fix things before you even know to worry about them.

5. A Wedding Planner is there to work for you, not to mix and mingle with friends and family. Though your friends and family could take care of mostly everything, imagine the regret you might feel if someone has reason to say, "I wish I could have actually experienced it all with you."

6. Wedding Planners will ensure that the wedding get's set up correctly without having to hurry off go get ready for the wedding, like family and friends need to. Luckily for me, friends and family helped set up the day before (for the most part) so there weren't any problems scrambling to get ready the day of.  However I did (kind of) have a wedding planner/friend who was setting up all the decorations that day-photos, centerpieces, table cloths etc. I can't imagine my mom or aunt or friend running off to set up and not being with me and taking it all in. I am so thankful I had a wedding planner/friend to help and ease the burden from me, my mom and family. So again, wedding planners know the drill, they know the plan and will take care of it.

7. In planning the actual ceremony, brides need someone who isn't a friend or someone part of the family to coordinate it all: Getting everyone lined up, cueing the musicians to change the music, asking the guests to rise for the bride's entrance. This is where a wedding planner comes in and ensures the bride a stress-free wedding so she, along with everyone else, can relax and enjoy the best day of her life. 

So, sure a friend can do it but then they won't be able to enjoy the wedding day, or participate in the wedding very well. It will just be a job for them. So let me help plan your wedding so everything can run smoothly, and your family and friends can sit back and enjoy your special day with you.

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