Wedding Décor

Decorating the reception and ceremony is very hard work. You need to start thinking about decorations right after you have your venue or you will be in trouble. There is a lot of space you need to fill and it takes a while to find décor that matches your theme, tone and colors. 

If every time you look at your budget and you notice that it keeps shrinking, that's good because you're planning a wedding. But if you realize you still have a lot of things to get and you're close to running out then decorations are one of those places you can go cheap with. 

We're lucky now that there is Pinterest. I wish I would've had Pinterest when I was planning my wedding.There are tons and tons of DIY wedding decorations and the supplies is actually inexpensive. For example, you can find instructions for decorations such as tissue paper flowers, candle votives, signage, and tons more.

You can get really creative with décor. A good friend of my mom helped us with decorations and she was awesome at it. She went out to thrift stores and found vintage looking frames that we spray painted my colors and put engagement pictures in. I've mentioned before, that I had my reception outside at a friend's house where they have a pool. We used that pool to our advantage. We made a large styrofoam heart and poked it full of red and white plastic table cloths from the dollar store and voila we had an awesome floating pool decoration. That heart is still hanging in my master bedroom. We also cut the bottoms off of 2-liter plastic pop bottles and spray painted them in my wedding colors to look like flowers in the pool. I also borrowed a gazebo from a friend and some shepherd hooks that we drove into the ground and hung these glass jars with floating candles and stones, as well as pretty flower arrangements hanging on. If you have friends or family that have resources like these left over from other events, try to use them to cut costs. 

If you need help thinking of ideas that's where I come in. Let me be of help to you brides. There is so many fun, trendy decoration ideas out there right now. The possibilities are endless. 


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