Ceremony Etiquette: Everything From Processional Order To Recessional Order (Formal)

It is important your bridal party knows the processional order (walking into the ceremony) and recessional order (leaving the ceremony) to avoid any chaos and confusion. You will practice this at your rehearsal dinner and your wedding planning (me) will walk you through it.

For the males that are escorting it is a general rule of thumb that you keep the woman on the left side of you unless they are going to be sitting on the Groom's side (right side) of the alter.

Processional Order:
- Groom's father's grandparents (seated on the right side)
- Groom's mother's grandparents
- Bride's father's grandparents
- Bride's mother's grandparents
- MOG escorted by Groom or her husband
- MOB escorted by a son or FOB
- Wedding Party:

  • First the officiant will walk in and the Groom will follow. Or you can have them come in a side door if available.
  • Groomsmen and bridesmaids will walk in pairs starting with who will stand farthest from the Bride and Groom and ending with the best man and maid of honor closest to the Bride and Groom.
  • Ring bearer and or flower girl
  • Finally the Bride escorted by the FOB. 
Recessional Order:
- Bride and Groom
- Ring bearer and flower girl
- Maid of honor and best man
- Bridesmaids and groomsmen
- MOB and FOB
- MOG and FOG
- Grandparents 

At a later date I will go over song choices that are good to play during the ceremony as well as how a traditional ceremony is conducted.


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