4 Hair & Makeup Trends For 2014

Here is what 2014 is forecasting for the hottest wedding makeup and hairstyle trends:

1. Boho Braids: Wedding braids have been talked about for a while now but they are going to be HUGE for 2014. Braids are not just a casual hairstyle anymore they are becoming more glamorous and dressy. Brides are going to be feeling a lot different about braids this year whether it's a simple braid or a bunch of small braids put into an up-do.  

2. Cat-Eyes: Cat-eye makeup has been fashionable for a while now and has become quite popular amongst brides. It gives brides a retro look and classic look while looking AMAZING in photos.

3. Pretty Pink Lips: Notice-me-berry and baby-pink lips are a 2014 spring look for this year. Pink is going to be the statement look for brides. These colors aren't as bold as the red and go perfectly with all flowers, themes and tones. The nude lip is also trendy and stunning and will give a more simple, natural look for brides.

4. Hair Pieces: The vintage hairpieces have been loved by brides. They are a bit limited as to matching with your dress, theme and style but they are becoming more and more recognized and trendy for all brides. I personally love them and think they are very romantic and elegant.

Yay for hair and makeup trends for 2014 :)


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